Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

With so many of us feeling isolated and alone, the Group KAP model offers a supportive and affordable community structure to see and be seen by others. Seeing and hearing what other people are holding inside is the glue that connects us as human beings. 

Our Group KAP model offers the time and space to reconnect with ourselves and our own inner healing intelligence while in connection with a community of fellow seekers. The group container will be informed by somatic and mindfulness-based modalities including Internal Family Systems, The Hakomi Method, and Somatic Experiencing. These are therapeutic frameworks that pair beautifully with KAP, designed to support us to access our inner healing intelligence to embody more serenity, peace, and joy.

Groups will include:
  • Weekly rituals including guided mindfulness meditations, breathwork, and movement
  • Opportunities for deep sharing and active listening
  • Structured and supportive group integration processes
  • The opportunity for 1:1 support from the therapists outside of regular group sessions

These group experiences are designed for people who…
  • Life is “fine” on paper but still it feels like something is missing
  • Feel stuck in life
  • Yearn to connect deeper with their intuition and inner knowing
  • Are seeking deeper psychological and spiritual growth and understanding
  • Are seeking insight about their path and purpose in life
  • Are navigating difficult life transitions

Learn more about KAP here and read our FAQ’s here.

Disclaimer: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy won’t be a good fit if you have a history of Bipolar I or II, a personality disorder, history of mania and/or dissociation, or are in active addiction. We encourage group participants to be in a concurrent individual therapy relationship while the group takes place, and to discuss their desire to participate in the group with their mental health provider.

Steps to Join


Complete this inquiry form and we will get in touch to schedule an introductory (complementary) screening call. Together we will discuss whether Group KAP is the right choice for you at this time.


If we decide to move forward, we’ll refer you to our psychiatrist or nurse practitioner who specializes in the clinical use of Ketamine. The prescriber will evaluate your medical and psychological history to ensure you are a good fit for Ketamine. Following their determination, they will write you a prescription in the form of an oral lozenge. The fee for this session will be paid directly to the medical provider.


Next, you will be asked to read and sign some paperwork (including a Confidentiality agreement and Informed Consent document). We will also ask you to pay your full invoice.


We will meet 1:1 for a one-hour intake session (either virtual or at our Brooklyn office). During your intake, we’ll get to know each other, and explore your background, life challenges and goals for group KAP.

Group Process

3 Group Prep sessions
(1 hour)

We will meet as a group for 3 consecutive weeks before the KAP sessions begin. This gives us time to get to know each other, and build a safe and trusting community container. During our preparatory sessions, we will align on the process and set intentions for our KAP sessions together.

3 Group KAP sessions
(3 hours)

KAP sessions begin with time to get settled in, connect, and create an intentional space together. Then we will have a 1-2 hour journey and finally process and integrate your experience together as a community.

During the session, you will be in a comfortable, reclining position wearing an eye mask and listening to calming, Ketamine-specific music. Although a KAP dosing session may be a largely internal experience, your therapist(s) will be present with you the entire time to provide safety, support, and grounding as needed.

3 Group Integration sessions (1 hour)

Integration sessions take place 1-2 days following KAP sessions to take advantage of the neuroplasticity Ketamine creates in the brain, the ability to break free from “stuck” emotional responses and patterns and create new habits and beliefs. These integration sessions are an opportunity to share your experience with the group, and hear about the experiences of others.

Current Group Offerings

Women's Group
(April - June)

Join an intimate and vulnerable group of women (or those identifying) in an inquiry into identity, womanhood, self-understanding and belonging.


  • Week 1: 4/18 @ 6pm - 7pm - Group Prep 1 (virtual)
  • Week 2: 4/25 @ 6pm - 7pm - Group Prep 1 (virtual)
  • Week 3: 5/2 @ 6pm - 7pm - Group Prep 1 (virtual)
  • Week 4: 5/16 @ 6pm - 9pm - Group KAP 1 (BPT)
  • Week 4:  5/17 @ 11am - 12pm - Group Integration 1 (virtual)
  • Week 5:  5/23 @ 6pm - 9pm - Group KAP 2 (BPT)
  • Week 5: 5/28 @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Group Integration 2 (virtual)
  • Week 6: 6/6 @ 6pm - 9pm - Group KAP 3 (BPT)
  • Week 6: 6/7 @ 11am - 12pm - Group Integration 3 (virtual)

Apply by 03/22/2024

Two hands reaching out with the blue sky in the background
Group of people hugging each other while looking a the sunset on a mountain

KAP for Anxiety
(Fall 2024)

Let’s come together in community to explore the roots of our anxiety, learn to experience anxiety from new and more empowering perspectives, and gain the tools and understanding to live our lives from a more present, grounded place.

Schedule TBD

Cancelation Policy

  • 50% refund for cancellations before first prep session
  • Missed sessions cannot be refunded or made up
  • Additional individual sessions (KAP or otherwise) can be scheduled on an as needed basis